Work IN Roads Sandbox Spotlight — Construction Road Worker

Preparing Students to become Road Construction Workers

On May 14 students at Hamilton Heights High School were trained on heavy equipment as part of their Civil Engineering Certified State Earn and Learn (SEAL) program. This SEAL experience was made possible by industry and community partners including MacAllister Machinery Company, Inc., who provided the equipment and the instructor.

This is a glimpse of the work-based learning opportunities available for students led by industrial technology teacher Eric Fisher. On Tuesday, the group visited the I-65/I-70 North Split project as guests of Superior Construction, and earlier in the school year these students received their ATSSA flagging certification. We’re proud to partner with Hamilton Heights High School in this crucial workforce development initiative!

Why Choose Road Construction? 

Road construction is a vital part of many industries, including highway, heavy, and utility construction. The workers you see on the side of the road are just a small part of the industry. Work IN Roads wants to educate and connect individuals to all of the opportunities available in road construction.

About Work In Roads

Work IN Roads is a collaborative initiative between government agencies, associations, and businesses aimed at supporting those who contribute to Indiana’s infrastructure and informing Hoosiers about the many career paths available in the road construction industry. By increasing awareness, we hope to encourage more people to enter this field and help maintain our state’s roads.

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WIR, ICI Photo / Julia Polston