What’s in it for you? 

Everyone in the WIR Crew will get a starter kit when they join, which includes specific instructions as well as free merch. We know you are busy so don’t worry, the demands are low and the reward is high. This is a great opportunity to spread awareness of the real life of those who work in the road construction industry. The WIR Crew members will become the faces of the industry in Indiana, being highlighted on the website, social media, and other media channels. 


How do I join? 

To join the WIR Crew, you must:

  • Have any job in the road construction industry
  • Have a valid Instagram Account
  • Apply, and be chosen

Once chosen, follow the instructions provided, which include having “WIR Crew” in your instagram bio, posting a specific number of times per month, and using certain hashtags. 

Grab your hard hat.

We want to know a little more about you. Apply by filling out your information; we’ll be in touch!

WIR Crew Application