Help your Child Succeed with a Career in Construction

Jobs in construction represent a broad range of skills and education levels, and the need goes beyond those who are passionate about working with their hands. There’s also a need for number crunchers, analytical thinkers, and natural leaders. These jobs are in high demand, and have quite the payoff! Sometimes your child may need a push in the right direction. If your son or daughter is struggling to pick a path for their future, consider a career in construction. 


$4.7 billion dollars

Gov. Eric Holcomb launched a five-year $4.7 billion road maintenance and construction plan in 2017, ensuring the demand and sustainability of these careers.

$27,000 less average debt

According to Career School Now, the average undergraduate degree costs around $150,000 with more than 70% of students burdened with more than $37,000 of loan debt. Trade schools have an average cost of $33,000 and most students carry $10,000 of loan debt.

$8.2 billion in wages

Construction wages and salaries in 2017 totaled $436 billion in the United States, including $8.2 billion in Indiana.

Job Spotlight

Crew Foreman

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8 Ways to Help Your Child Succeed in Construction Career

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Job Spotlight

CAD Operator

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Discussion Guide – How to Start a Career in Construction

We understand that deciding “what comes next” after high school is a big step. We’ve created this discussion guide to help you and your child start the conversation and learn more about the many exciting opportunities in road construction.

Pave the Way to a Career in Construction

There are many diverse and rewarding careers available in the road construction industry–and not all involve working with your hands. Explore the options below to see where the path might lead.

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