Training the Teachers Who’ll Inspire Future Road Workers

Preparing Educators with Construction/Heavy Highway Teacher Training

ICI recently joined several industry partners at Hamilton Heights High School (HHHS) for civil construction/heavy highway teacher training. ICI’s Manager of Talent Development Julia Polston spoke with teachers from multiple Indiana high schools about ICI and opportunities for their students in the highway, heavy, and utility industries. Helping prepare the next generation of road workers is no easy task, but the team at WIR has been helping create better ways to expose educators, parents, and students to a plethora of construction jobs.

Is the SEAL Program Right for My School?

HHHS has had much success with its Civil Engineering Certified State Earn and Learn (SEAL) program, and other schools are implementing similar programs. Sharing lessons learned, HHHS hosted the teacher training which included a visit to the HHHS Sandbox, a tour of an asphalt plant, experience with equipment simulators, introductions to industry partners, and much more. By helping to establish a better educational infrastructure that points young kids in our direction, ICI is helping to build the workforce of tomorrow. Photos, courtesy of HHHS engineering and construction technology teacher Eric Fisher.

About Work In Roads

Work IN Roads is a collaborative initiative between government agencies, associations, and businesses aimed at supporting those who contribute to Indiana’s infrastructure and informing Hoosiers about the many career paths available in the road construction industry. By increasing awareness and connecting students to employers, we can provide better roads, careers, and quality of life for all.

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HHHS photo / Eric Fisher
HHHS photo / Eric Fisher