The Golden Shovel Competition


The Golden Shovel Competition, by Work In Roads, brings together industry professionals and high school students interested in civil construction. 

This ground-breaking event is a testament to the industry’s dedication to mentorship and knowledge sharing. While also supporting workforce development.

It showcases experienced professionals sharing their skills and knowledge with the next generation of workers. The impact of this on workforce development is powerful and helps build connections, inspires young talent, and ensures a bright future for civil construction. 

(Full photo album for each team below!)

2023 Golden Shovel Competition

Macallister Machinery, their Indianapolis HQ, hosted the inaugural year of the Golden Shovel competition. 

The competition featured students from Civil Construction Pathway classes from 2 high schools (Hamilton Heights High School and Garrett High School), making up four teams competing against each other in several skill and equipment tests.

The students and their coaches engaged in a full day of competition and fun. Under the guidance of their coaches, the four teams competed in multiple categories for a total amount of points.

Skills Scored:

– Team survey of a 20×20 ft lot

– Job hazard analysis 

– Equipment check,

– Loading and unloading a dump truck with dirt

– Leveling and grading the lot within an inch of specs

– Returning the lot to its original condition. 

Everyone in attendance was in awe of the passion and pride that was beaming off the faces of the students and industry coaches as they performed their work.

Industry Coaches

What sets Golden Shovel apart from other trade competitions is the direct involvement of esteemed industry members.

Each team of students was under the guidance of an experienced professional from 1 of 4 coaching companies. 

It is their involvement that allows this to be more than a competition but an opportunity for future members of the workforce to get hands-on experience, make connections with industry members, and directly see what their future could be.


Photo Album for Each Team:

In these albums, you’ll witness the strong bond between coaches and students. The mentors from the various companies dedicated their time and expertise to guide the next generation, and we cannot thank them enough. 

Through their efforts, these young individuals are better equipped for the challenges and opportunities in civil construction.


Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.


Gradex, Inc.


 Brooks Construction Company, Inc.

E & B Paving, LLC