Succeeding Without College with A Career in Civil Construction

We live in a time where achieving career success doesn’t require spending ANY time on a college campus.

Just ask any one of the thousands of individuals we have worked with over the years at WIR!

If you are questioning the traditional college route that you may have grown up thinking was what you had to do, you’re not alone. 

Here are why some people choose not to attend college, the advantages of a career without a degree, and why civil construction is a promising path for those who want to skip university.

Deciding Against College: Understanding Why

Financial Setbacks

The higher and higher costs of college, and getting higher, often lead people to consider alternative paths. The thought of student loans and debt can be scary, but joining the workforce directly after high school can be an excellent choice for many people.

Entrepreneur Mindset

Some individuals want to do their own thing and start their own businesses, which makes them able to jump straight into the professional world. The desire to build a business, gain hands-on experience, and control their future is part of what feeds the need to do their own thing without school.

Advantages of Starting a Career Without a Degree

Hands-On Experience

Choosing a career over college allows you to jump straight into the field, gaining experience that can set you apart from the people who are still learning from classrooms and textbooks and paying for it, not getting paid.

Earning While Learning

Avoiding college means avoiding tuition fees and any other unnecessary costs. Instead of building debt, you can start earning money and climb the career ladder sooner than your college-bound peers.

Job Market Advantage

Specific industries, like construction and the trades, really do value experience and skills over degrees. By entering the workforce early, you can position yourself to gain skills that make you valuable to companies.

Civil Construction: Success Without College

While there are a variety of ways to achieve success after high school, civil construction is an exciting and rewarding industry for those who don’t want to attend college. 

The demand for skilled workers is booming, offering many opportunities for career growth and financial success.

Jobs in Civil Construction That Don’t Require a Degree

1. Construction Laborer

Laborers are one of the most important roles on the construction site, and many people begin their careers as laborers. They do things like site preparation and assist tradespeople. A strong work ethic and willingness to learn are a couple of the skills that can lead to success.

2. Heavy Equipment Operator

Operating heavy machinery is a crucial aspect of civil construction. While becoming an equipment operator doesn’t require a college degree, it does demand skills that can be learned on the job.

3. Concrete Finisher

This role involves perfecting surfaces of structures such as sidewalks and roads, offering a hands-on career path without requiring a college diploma.

Building Yourself a Better Future

For those opting out of college, civil construction opens doors to a great and high-poaying career right out of high shcool.

The first step is researching civil construction companies in your area, contacting them, and seeing if they are a good fit for you!