How Technology is Making Construction a Cooler Place to Work for High School Grads

man wearing flannel shirt in construction hat and VR glasses

Construction and technology may not seem like they go together at first, but if you look at how construction has changed over the last century, it’s easy to see how important technology is to the industry. 

Today, construction workers use sophisticated machines to do their jobs, from excavators and cranes to computer-guided machinery and drones.

The construction industry has come a long way and so have the job positions available in the field. Many construction companies are now searching for employees who have both construction skills as well as the ability to utilize the latest technology. 

The combination of modern technology with construction has given birth to new jobs that never existed before. Which will help to attract a new, more digital-forward generation of workers.

Technology is Evolving Construction Industry Careers

Technology has and continues to have a huge impact on the construction industry. With the help of automated machines, repetitive tasks that would normally be done by human workers are now able to be completed much more quicker, making the entire process more efficient

In addition, the development of software tools, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality is continuing to change the construction industry landscape.

Construction jobs will continue to evolve and become more intertwined with technology. Opening up job opportunities for young adults who are interested in technology, but not necessarily going to college for it.

Show Students the Promising Career of Road Building

Students who are beginning to make their plans for life post-high school need to be introduced to the NEW construction industry. 

Far too many people still believe construction is all dirt and shovels when that is not the case. 

If you know anyone who is interested in technology as a career, show them this blog to open their eyes to what a career in road construction can really be.

Exciting New Technology in Road Construction

Shown below is a collection of videos that highlight new-age technology being implemented in the construction industry right now.  

Earthworks augmented reality Camera on an excavator

Earthworks Augmented Reality Camera On Excavator


vGIS – Documenting construction with engineering-grade augmented reality AR

Documenting construction with engineering-grade augmented reality AR


Why Construction Companies are Using Drones: Expert Drone Pilot Explains

Why Construction Companies are Using Drones: Expert Drone Pilot Explains