How Contractors and Local Schools are Combating the Skilled Trades Shortage

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Taking Steps to Combat the Skilled Labor Shortage

In 2022, there are few issues in the construction industry more pressing than the skilled labor shortage. Fortunately, that means that there are a plethora of available jobs. Helping high school students interested in a construction career not only benefits the students. It also helps to address the skilled trades shortage. Below is a snippet of the attached article.

“One of the speakers at the summit was Eric Fisher, a teacher at Hamilton Heights High School just outside of Indianapolis. He spoke with attendees about his construction ed program, saying that local contractors have come into his class multiple times to speak with students and do demonstrations. “Just the other day we had a master mason come in to mix mortar and lay bricks.”

“My encouragement to contractors is to find out who is teaching industrial arts and say. ‘Hey, what can we do to help you?’” Eric said. “It’s about making a connection. The more the kids in high school have positive interactions with a contractor. The more likely they are to consider construction as a career and we can turn around the skilled trades talent shortage.”

The following is an article that breaks down how contractors and local schools can work cohesively to achieve a common goal, and get more young people exposed to the amazing benefits of a career in construction.

How contractors can team up with local schools to reverse the skilled trades talent shortage

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