Golden Shovel – Heavy Equipment Safety and Skills Competition

Golden Shovel – Heavy Equipment Safety and Skills Competition

Location: MacAllister Machinery Company, Inc. 

        6300 Southeastern Ave

        Indianapolis, IN 46203


Date:    October 26th, 2023

Time: 10 AM – 3 PM

Introduction to student activity:

The horizontal construction industry needs heavy equipment operators. The Golden Shovel competition is designed to bring attention to students the possibility of a meaningful career in the civil construction industry. The competition will focus on safety, maintenance, equipment operations, and teamwork. Students will be evaluated on a series of tasks to help prepare the next generation of heavy equipment operators.


Event Objectives:

Connect students to industry partners and employment opportunities.

Focus attention on heavy equipment opportunities in the horizontal construction industry.

Create competitive excitement and comradery throughout the civil construction educational pathway.


Student Objectives:

Demonstrate practices of jobsite safety awareness.

Properly complete skid steer walk-around procedures.

Safely complete the start-up and shut-down procedure of a skid steer.

Safely complete skid steer skills activities.

Demonstrate the ability to work as a team to achieve a task.



Ridge Inman



Garrett High School

Hamilton Heights High School

Future Outlook:


In 2024, all of the Civil Construction Pathway schools will be competing in the Golden Shovel Competition.