Building the Next Generation of Civil Construction Teachers

Virtual reality instructor shows student how to control the virtual excavator

How to Transition to a Construction Teacher

In June 2022, Hoosier teachers gathered for the second annual Civil Construction Teacher Training at Hamilton Heights High School. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) supported the training, which was funded by an On the Job Training Supportive Services Funding Grant.

Employer partners from the horizontal construction industry led the seminars and hands-on activities designed to inform and engage educators. Topics included asphalt, concrete, concrete pumping, construction inspection, erosion control, flagging, heavy equipment operations, reinforced concrete pipe, site work, and surveying.

The Asphalt Pavement Association of Indiana and Indiana Ready Mix Concrete Association led field trips to show teachers how to combine aggregates and binders to create asphalt and concrete paving materials for roads and bridges.

How We Are Training the Next Generation of Construction Teachers

Teachers explored horizontal construction careers (including required certifications) through seminars with agencies like INDOT and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. They learned that students graduating from the new Civil Construction Career Pathway will graduate high school with the certifications they need to jump into the workforce the Monday after graduation.

The Civil Construction Teacher Training increased teacher awareness of 21st-century infrastructure-building methods, materials, and workforce development strategies. And, the training offered participants PGP points to use in their Indiana Department of Education professional growth plan.

Why Helping Students Start a Career in Construction Matters

If you’re wondering why road construction is such an important industry, just know that the workers you see on the side of the road are just a small part of what makes it all possible. Road construction can include highway, heavy, and utility construction – and Work IN Roads wants to educate and connect individuals to all of the opportunities available in this growing field.

So what is Work In Roads exactly? It’s a collaborative initiative between government agencies, associations, and businesses aimed at supporting those who contribute to Indiana’s infrastructure and informing Hoosiers about the many career paths available in the road construction industry.

There are many reasons why road construction is a great industry to get into – so if you’re thinking about a career change or are just curious about what options are out there, be sure to check out Work In Roads!


Check out photos of the hands-on activities and field trips below. Stay tuned for information about the 2023 Civil Construction Teacher Training. Photos courtesy of Hamilton Heights High School.